Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone Review

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The Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone

Is a high voltage mini racing drone that is easy to fly around. The beginner-friendly gadget is designed with upgraded and relevant features for faster racing and quick acceleration.

The Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee  has all the features of a premium drone and outlined below is its comprehensive review.

Key Features:

• Powerful motors: they provide quick acceleration.
• Designed with the 3D Rolling feature for thrilling action
• Great Stability: it has a 2.4.GHZ 6-Axis Gyro-Stability to handle various modes.
• Has headless mode: it offers easier flight control and it’s suitable for beginners.
• It comes with extra batteries: this is used to increase the flying time.

Design Features

The Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone is a high-quality drone that suitable for beginners. The versatile device is made with the latest innovative features which offer a wide range of benefits for faster and convenient flying.

Powerful Motors

This RC Quadcopter has powerful motors which allow the drone to fly at extremely fast speeds. Additionally, the motors also promote quick acceleration. For instance, this drone can attain a speed of 50KM/hour within just a few seconds. This is important for an immersive experience.

3D Rolling

Using this drone allows you to use different types of flight movements as well as the continuous roll. The 3D Rolling feature allows you to do flips in four different ways i.e. forward, backward, left, and right.

Great Stability

The Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee is designed with a 6-Axis Gyro-Stability which provides great control. It makes it easier to handle the drone at a distance. Additionally, this stability feature allows various models to get played simultaneously without causing interference.

The Headless Mode

This is a beginner-friendly mode. The headless mode makes it easier to control this drone especially if you don’t have prior experience. Besides that, the flyer will have full control of the drone during straightforward flying.


Holy Stone HS150 Mini Racing Drone RC Quadcopter RTF 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro

The main deal what makes this yellow quadcopter different from the rest of drones I have flown. First of all, the HS150 Bolt Bee is designed to be aerodynamic. Its motor arms doesn’t comes with any excess materials. In fact, the excess materials were removed in favor to make it light weight and minimize the air drag.

The body frame doesn’t comes with any sharp edges. Instead, it is smoothly curved in the front so that it can handle better in light to moderate winds. Aerodynamically, the HS150 Bolt Bee racing drone is just about the most lightweight you will fly that is meant for both indoor and outdoor activity.

I liked the fact how they positioned the power button underneath the drone. If you have played with older models before, you would have known how hard it is to insert the battery just to turn it on. With HS150 Bolt bee drone, all you have to do is push the button… and ta-da, there you go! Furthermore, the battery is modularized. That means it is designed to have protection against both overcharge and discharge.

Did I mentioned that this mini racing drone has mean eyes? In the front there are two blue LED lights that gives it an interesting impression. Also, on each end of the motor arms, there are rubber landing pads installed to help soften the impact when the drone lands. Overall, the design is very good. It felt like the HS150 Bolt Bee was built with high quality craftsmanship.


This is one of my favorite part when it comes to reviewing a drone, especially in the HS150 Bolt Bee review. The performance says a lot about the value of a drone and that is a no exception with  Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee racing quadcopter. When I took this drone out for a spin, I started off on the lowest setting until I become comfortable with the controls.

By the time I was ready to test it on its highest setting. Holy Stone company claimed that it can fly up to 31 miles per hour, so I decided to give it a go to see if it lives up to its promise. And, oh boy, it flew like a zipping bee. It went whoosh right ahead of me. I installed the propeller guards on the drone and it doesn’t affected the speed at all. That is because the way its motors is designed to provide propulsion at maximum force. So it doesn’t really matter whether you have guards on or not. In fact, Holy Stone company actually do encourage you to add the guards on.

Plus, the HS150 Bolt Bee is packed with features that are super easy to learn and friendly for beginners. It is equipped with Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, 360-Degree Flip, and Speed Mode. Headless Mode allows you to control the drone based on the direction you are pushing the levers at instead of the direction it is facing at. A real important feature to have for those who prefers to fly more easier. In the next section of review, I will talk about accessories and parts that is included in the package.

Accessories & Remote Controller

What is more than having a drone and remote controller? A package that is packed with gifts and additional parts. The HS150 Bolt Bee box comes with a notebook which you can use it to draw, scribble or to keep notes of. And yes, it comes with an additional battery. A single battery gives you an average flight time of 7 minutes. In total, you will be able to fly for 14 minutes.

Along with that, what I have is a propeller spanner for replacing the propellers. I haven’t crashed my drone that hard enough to bend the propellers yet, thanks to the guards installed on it. Also, what we have here is extra propellers and screws for replacing the missing ones.

You might be looking at the remote controller and think to yourself: oh my god, what a bulky remote controller! It is not that hard to control the drone with that remote controller, believe me. In fact, it does looks like a professional-grade.

To put this way, you are flying a drone and handling this remote controller. All of sudden, people thinks you are flying a professional drone because of its size and the way it is designed. The controls are very straightforward and super easy to learn. As you can see, it only consist of necessary buttons and inscription on it.

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

HS150 Bolt Bee Remote Controller

The main buttons that you will use frequently are trimmings, power button and of course levers. Altitude and Headless Mode are located on the left section and trimmings to the right. On the shoulder of the remote controller are the speed mode and 360-degree flip. On the back of the remote controller is where you need to insert batteries.


• Comes with bonus batteries which help to double the flying time
• It’s an extremely fast drone with quick acceleration
• It has a beginner-friendly headless mode
• The 3D flip offers a spectacular performance


• Has a short flight range
• The drone lacks the altitude hold feature that’s used for hovering


  • Built-in Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro 4CH 2.4GHz
  • Quadcopter Weight: 68.9 / 2.43 oz
  • Dimension: 5.71 x 4.25 x 1.77 inches
  • Transmitter Operation Range: About 50-70 meters
  • Battery: 3.7V 600Mah Li-Po battery;
  • Flight Time: 5-7 minutes;
  • Charging Time: About 90 minutes
  • FAA Registration NOT Required

Package Includes:

  • 1 x HS150 Bolt Bee Racing Quadcopter
  • 1 x 2.4GHz Controller
  • 8 x Spare Propellers
  • 2 x Plug-in 3.7V 600mAh LiPo Batteries
  • 4 x Propeller Guards
  • 1 x Propellers Crowbar
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 4 x Screws for drone
  • 2 x Landing Mats
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Note Book
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee review

Where To Purchase:

The Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee is an incredible mini racing drone that offers a beautiful performance. Whether you are a pro or just a newbie when it comes to flying drones, this gadget has all the features that cater to pilots with different levels of skills. To check out this affordable and versatile drone for the best price, go to Amazon.com by using the blue button below.

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