RISE RXD250 Brushless Radio Control Racing Drone Review

RISE RXD250 Brushless Radio Control Racing Drone Review

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RISE RXD 250 Brushless RC Racing Drone Review

Drone racing is growing in popularity across the globe. This is a motor-sport where racers show their skills in controlling drones.

There are specific drones which are designed and modified to meet the harsh conditions associated with the sport. The drones have cameras, and the racer has to wear a head mount to get the live feeds.

You should be extra keen when purchasing a drone for racing. Some of these drones are of low quality, but you can still get good ones. When purchasing a racing drone, you should pay attention to their features and extras. The RISE RXD250 Brushless Radio Control Receiver-Ready Racing Drone is one of the best in this category we have for you. Some of the RISE RXD250 features are:


The racing drone is made from carbon fiber material which is extremely tough. The high-impact foam and fiberglass makes it rigid and can sustain  a few drops. The carbon fiber material is also light increasing its maneuverability and speed.

The composite airframe also improves its toughness and capability to prevent bounce back in the event of an impact.
Benefit. – It lowers the maintenance cost, and the drone can last for longer.


The controller for this racing drone is pre-programmed to meet the needs of a racing drone. A user doesn’t need to make any adjustments hence saving time during races. It comes with three programmed flight modes you can use to fly the drone.
Benefit. – The CC3D controller allows a user to fly the drone with limited challenges. A beginner can also operate this racing drone with minimal difficulties.
Benefit. – The CC3D controller makes it easy to use the racing drone. It can be used by beginners and also kids above the age of 15 years.


Do you need to get high-quality video streams from your epic races? The RISE RXD250 comes with a camera mount where you can install your camera. Also, the camera mount allows you to use cameras with more storage spaces.
Benefit. – You can get high-quality feeds and also store longer feeds using your camera.


The racing drone is installed with LED lights at the front and the rear. The lights assist in showing the drone status; hence one can control it better.
Benefit. – The drone status light allows a user to know the drone status for ease of control.

RISE RXD250 Pros & Cons Section


– Tough and durable.
– Extra features which enhance its performance.
– Pre-programmed controls.
– Inexpensive.


– The manual could offer more information.

RISE RXD250 racing drone review

RISE RXD250 Features Section:

  • Prebuilt Extreme Durability Racer.
  • Premium foam/fiberglass composite frame.
  • Preprogrammed CC3D flight controller.
  • Camera mount compatible with the RXD250 Camera (RISE2508).
  • Receiver ready – just add your battery, receiver, and fly!
  • Rugged foam/fiberglass composite airframe gives the RXD250 the extreme durability needed to bounce back from impacts.
  • CC3D flight controller arrives preprogrammed for racing, no adjustments necessary.
  • Three flight modes make it easy for anyone to pilot the RXD250 successfully.
  • Includes racing drone, camera mount and flight status LEDs.


  • 5-channel radio system
  • RXD250 Camera (RISE2508) (optional)
  • 3S 11.1V 1500-1800mAh LiPo battery
  • LiPo-compatible balancing charger

RISE RXD250 Specifications:

  • Diagonal: 250 mm (9.8 in)
  • Weight: 300 g (10.6 oz)


The RISE RXD250 racing drone is amazing and affordable. Its preprogrammed features make it easier for anyone to fly the drone. Its durability also lowers its maintenance cost, and you can use the drone for longer durations. Visit Amazon to get yourself this amazing drone and enjoy its capabilities.


Here’s what one excited buyer thought about his purchase:

So fun and so fast! I used a FLYSKY transmitter which came with its own receiver. My biggest complaint would be the instructions; the Libre pilot program used to program the drone is inconsistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. However with that said, there are plenty of videos out there to help you out. Do not just watch one video, watch many and try all the different suggestions in the videos. Also if the libre pilot does not connect with your receiver, try going to the firmware settings and perform the rescue function. It can save you a lot of time. I learned so much with this drone and it paid off; when I fly it at the park a crowd usually gathers and watched in awe how fast it is. I highly recommend purchasing many spare props

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